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The World's most expensive billiard cues

1,000, 2,000, 3,000 ... How much would you be willing to pay for a billiard cue? The most expensive in the world reaches $ 150,000. Almost nothing. I have been browsing some of these relics on the Internet to see how high prices soar and why they are so expensive. I think that with the post this week we are going to want to change the cue. There we go!

Taco de billar más caro del mundo

It is clear that the most expensive cues in the world are limited edition (with one or very few units), those requiring a slower manufacturing process (several years even) and those with quality inlays. More than billiard cues, they are luxury pieces within reach of very few.

If you wander around Ebay you will see that right now an Abu Dhabi collector sells a handmade cue in Japan for $ 9,400. The preciousness has 1,400 incrustations. The second most expensive, in this case used, is a Samsara of $ 5,200. The price of the latter already resembles the high-end cues you can find in the Poolmania store: Longoni Masai VP2-S3 for 4,299 euros or Longoni Collection Lux Pool - S2 for 3,899 euros.

In addition to the big brands, then there are cuemakers who are dedicated to making small-scale luxury cues. This is the case of Joel Hercek, with pieces that reach $ 20,000. Of all of them one of the most outstanding is the "Eyes of Picasso", based on the prestigious artist.

There seems to be a market for this for luxury cues because there are several specialized pages that sell them. is one of them and in this case has the "Elite Collection" with authentic relics: a cue that Willie Mosconi gave to the famous baseball player Mickey Mantle in 1960 (sold for $ 30,000), a Harvey Martin for 32,000 Dollars or a Cal Hedden: $ 15,550. Glup.

But that is nothing if we compare it with the jewel of the crown. McDermott is honored to have made the most expensive cue in the world and probably in History. The name, Intimidator, already says it all and the price is astonishing: $ 150,000. I do not know what adjective to choose but I can say it is the most ostentatious and less practical cue that has ever existed. More than to enter balls, it would be useful to cut heads.

Ultimate Pool Cue The Intimidator


This is a limited edition that took off in 2013 and that took 1,862 hours of work. It is made of stainless steel and 24 carat gold. I guess that as a breaking cue, it would not be bad, but taking it to the table is rather complicated :)

I love billiards, but I would hardly spend so much money on a cue. I'm fine with my Bear :) What do you think?